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How It Works for Companies

Learn about how Time Auction can support your employee engagement today!

Skilled Volunteering 

A powerful tool for employee engagement and corporate philanthropy:

  • Virtual and COVID-safe volunteering opportunities for all employees, from entry-level to c-suite

  • Customizable to your community and tailored to your brand

  • Track impact and share volunteer stories to highlight your community’s contribution

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Become Our Impact Partner 

Collaborate with Time Auction to empower your employees to engage in meaningful skilled volunteering opportunities. We help achieve your community and employee engagement objectives by offering skilled volunteer opportunities with a wide range of time commitments, skill sets, and causes from 500+ Hong Kong-based for-impact organizations to choose from.

With access to your real-time staff engagement and impact data, we are your social impact partner for your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Reporting. Partner with us to create a triple win: personal and professional development for your staff, expansion of your corporate philanthropy’s reach, and a valuable injection of skills and expertise for the nonprofits and community partners.

Discover Project_Public

Work with us to introduce our corporate volunteering programme and register your community onto the platform.

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Volunteer Opportunities & Incentives

New opportunities will be communicated regularly to the members who have signed up to the platform.

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Impact Review

With access to your internal dashboard, easily track the volunteer work and hours contributed by your community. 

Case Study: Charity Logo Redesign

Paradox Hong Kong is an interdisciplinary creative agency which has matched with Books & Beyond Reading Club (“B&BRC”), a charity providing free innovative English learning programs for students of lesser means. B&BRC was looking for a Brand & Identity Designer on our platform to help create a new logo and brand identity, so they can convey their mission and connect with the public to advocate their cause. Within 6 weeks, Paradox’s team has volunteered 30 hours to create a new brand identity with branding assets and guidelines, including logo, colours, fonts and icons.

"By volunteering, our colleagues realize their skills can be further transformed into not just monetary reward but happiness and love to the needy ones in our society. Through this experience, our colleagues have earned an invaluable life experience by contributing their skills wholeheartedly. From a corporate perspective, we are glad to meet potential partners, vendors which helps to grow our portfolio. Furthermore, every creative mind evolves with new experiences which will elevate and explore their creativity and potential to a new level." 
leo Leo Chong, Managing Director, Paradox Hong Kong 


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